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From Hugo Weaving's Agent Smith to Heath Ledger's Joker to the entire oeuvre of William Shatner, mannered or stylised acting is an underrated skill. If what Olivier does is acting, let's hear it for schmacting

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Watch Forgetting the Girl Is Bruce Lee the most technically adept kung fu practitioner ever to shoot action films? Watch The Book of Daniel I don't know. Would Lee, to use the martial arts vernacular, have gotten his ass handed to him by Iko Uwais or Tony Jaa or Jean-Claude Van Damme? I have no idea. (Let's hope not in the case of Jcvd.) But is Bruce Lee the best kung fu actor of all time? You bet your flying sweat droplet he is. And I can prove it to you. It only takes 10 seconds. Watch this (starting at 0:13):

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